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Procedure for new arrivals

Ferrets arrive at the rescue from various sources for example the RSPCA, surrendered by owners to the rescue, abandoned, ill treated ferrets, ferrets requiring veterinary treatment, pregnant jills &/or jills with a young family of kits from all over the North East & North Yorkshire areas.

On arrival at the rescue, new ferrets are immediately placed into the quarantine unit with fresh bedding, litter, water and food. The reason for this is to prevent any cross contamination of any illnesses or parasites they may have.

The new arrivals are left for approximately three days with limited disruption to allow them to settle into their new surrounding, apart from fresh bedding, litter, water and food.

The next step is a thorough veterinary inspection where they then have their canine distemper vaccination.

Vet advice is always taken as to any further treatment or procedures required by the individual ferret.

Each ferret will remain at the rescue for a minimum of 4 weeks to ensure that they are outside of the incubation period for canine distemper.

It is the policy of the North Pennine Ferret Welfare & Boarding that ALL ferrets who leave the rescue will be spayed/neutered prior to rehoming to prevent any unnecessary breeding.

Where kits are concerned, the new owner will be obliged to complete documentation which states that the ferret(s) need to be returned to the rescue within the kits first year for neutering.