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Ferrets Down Your Trousers

Opinions may vary!

Putting Ferrets down your trousers (Ferret Legging) is a bizarre activity, vaguely classed as a sport by miners in years gone by, usually in the pubs and clubs within the many colliery villages in and around the coal fields of Yorkshire.
Putting Ferrets down your trousers (Ferret Legging) involved the tying of trouser leg cuffs, preventing the two ferrets escaping, with the waistband also tied in a similar way.
With several contestants lined up,with wriggling ferrets bidding to find a way of escape and the audience giggling and shouting, the winner would be the person exercising some control and not allowing himself the joy of removing the frustrated ferrets from his garments.
As a precaution, ferret competition stewards, would be standing by with buckets of cold water, sharp scissors, first aid box and a pint of strong ale, administering treatment to the chap, after stepping in to release the ferrets preventing further damage.
Considering, that contestants in this strange sport of Ferret Legging were not allowed to wear underwear or any form of protection, taking into account ferret teeth and ferret claws and the possible damage they can inflict on soft tissue, the miners of yesterday were a foolhardy/hardy bunch. Make up your own mind on which description to choose!
Several opinions are available for consideration regarding why this ferret sport  became so popular:-
1. Was the ferret sport motivated by suggestions from miner’s wives as an early form of contraception?
2. Was the Cumbrian art of gurning borne out of the weird facial contortions displayed by Miner's 'Putting Ferrets down their Trousers (Ferret Legging contestants)?
3. Was the introduction of tight drainpipe trousers and narrow cut jeans of the fashion of yester year a ploy to prevent young ferret owners joining in the sport?
4. Did anyone consider the Health & Wellbeing of ferrets, when subjected to the trauma of manoeuvring themselves around the tangy nether regions of these respective ferret owners?