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Adopting Ferrets

Every ferret deserves the best chance in life

Unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way and we find them left wandering in country lanes or handed in to the local vets or RSPCA or even dropped at the rescue door in cardboard boxes.Then there are the ferret owners with too many kits (baby ferrets) who need to find homes for them.
Here at North Pennine Ferret Welfare we pride ourselves on the way we keep our ferrets happy, loved and healthy.

We work with the kids in schools and the general public most weekends, introducing them to our Team of boys and girls, educating them and often converting them from their previous thoughts about ferrets.
Often we hear kids say "Oh mum, I want a ferret!" but it's not that easy! Like any other pet, it is best to have two at least and learn as much as possible about ferrets before you actually take them home.
We will talk to the kids, get them up close and personal with the ferrets and then give them an information booklet, which we generally ask them to read. We also suggest they go onto the internet, or call us, if they have any further questions and then ask them to come to us at our next event. If they STILL want ferrets, we ask them questions, normally if they are still wanting ferrets, they can answer us.
The next stage would be a home visit, to check out where the ferrets are going to live and who will be taking care of them. Yes, all this takes time but in the end the welfare of the ferrets is the most important part of the process!
We introduce our prospective new ferret owners to our little Waifs and Strays, if they are suited to EACH OTHER, then an adoption form will be completed. This is so that we know where each of our rescues are living and if for any reason the re-homing is not successful the ferrets will always come back to North Pennine Ferret Welfare & Boarding.