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1st Choice Ferret Boarding

1st Choice Ferret Boarding is a safe place for your ferrets whilst YOU take a well deserved break.
We all know, as ferret owners, that it's not always that easy to find someone to take care of our pets whilst we are away.
The aim of the boarding service is to keep your ferrets clean, safe and secure.

Your ferrets will be cleaned out, fed, watered and exercised regularly in a safe environment.
The cost of ferret boarding with us is £6 per cage, per night.

This will cover up to three ferrets living comfortably together for the duration of their stay.

We DO NOT recommend more than three ferrets per cage because we like to keep your ferrets as happy & as comfortable as possible during their stay.

It is essential that your ferret or ferrets have all had their Annual Canine Distemper vaccination.
You will be required to bring with you the Vaccination Certificate & Health Check Records for each ferret.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Please complete the Ferret Boarding Booking Form on the following page.