North Pennine Ferret Welfare & Boarding - (aiming to give Ferrets a better chance!)
Ferret Racing

Team Building Days
for you and your employees.
As with any of our PR events, we aim to put as much fun into your afternoon or evening as we possibly can.

The ferrets enjoy the exercise and your organisation will enjoy participating in this fun filled event.

This event an excellent opportunity to raise vital funds for the North Pennine Ferret Welfare & Boarding and your own organisation.

All of the competing ferrets are owned and trained by
the North Pennine Ferret Welfare & Boarding.

Please do not bring your own ferrets to this event.


 'Dad's Daft Lad Ferret Races'
'Dad's Girlie Ferret Races'
'Dad's Old Boy Ferret Races'

We have 3 new additions to the ferret racing team -
Jingle, Carrie & Celia
(also known as the Pocket Rocket Racing Ladies)
They are now taking intensive training on ferret etiquette
from Crawford
(also known as the Silver Streak)

Guaranteed your organisation will have countless hours of fun!

On your Marks!
On your Marks!
How much fun can you have, with a handful of ferrets?
Get Set!
Get Set!
A cheering crowd?
And a sky full of sunshine?
The Answer is.....................
The Answer is.....................
As much ferret fun as YOU choose to have
Be a devil & join in the Ferret Racing!
Be a devil & join in the Ferret Racing!
Go on, Grab a Ferret! You know you want to!
 Team building days are about a group of people coming together and participating in an event and bonding as a unit, while having fun and interaction with each other in an environment which is different from the day to day grind of the work place.

We can offer you and your team an afternoon/evening of Ferret Racing and can Guarantee you a Team Building event, that is different & packed with Ferret Fun or why not use the event as a Fundraising dayfor your favourite charity?
We organise ferret racing afternoons for Sheltered Housing tenants and Residential Homes
Elderly people need stimulus and the majority of the residents in sheltered housing and residential homes have either known or used ferrets in their younger days and what fun they could have on an afternoon, participating in the ferret racing, even having a small wager on the ferret of their choice!
We have Full Public Liability Insurance Cover at all our organised events and take great care with our ferrets and the well being of the public.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Barrie on:

Telephone 01207 237458 or mobile 07935 931473