North Pennine Ferret Welfare & Boarding - (aiming to give Ferrets a better chance!)
Ferret Public Relations Events

For several years we have been around in the North East, banging the drum, about how wonderful ferrets are as pets.

On a regular basis we are invited into Beamish Museum & Pets at Home stores throughout the North East presenting ferret workshops to educate school children & adults alike about the joys of ferret ownership.

We regularly get out and about into the community, schools & show events.

Children are open to education and may have been affected negatively by adults and the media surrounding ferrets, eg being told they are smelly, they bite, or both!

In the past, Richard Whiteley & Jonathan Ross were seen on TV to be nibbled by ferrets and with un-educated men putting ferrets down their trousers for sport, are just some examples of the bad press associated with ferrets.

Ferret educational shows are available to school children of any age group, to introduce the children to ferrets, which also gives the children awareness of how wonderful these extremely intelligent animals are as pets.
Why not be one of the many in the North East of England to organise some ferret frolics for the kids with interaction in your playgroup/school or other child orientated group? 

We have full Public Liability Insurance and take great care in all aspects of dealing with youngsters of any age.

The Ferrets met Lauren at 'The Fun in the Park' fete in June 2010 and now we see her regularly at our Education days
If you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Barrie on:

Telephone 01207 237458 or mobile 07935 931473