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Crusher & Truffle
The Big Day

The Wedding of
Crusher Hoblet & Lady Truffle
The wedding the ferret world had been waiting for!
On Monday 24 December 2012
1.30 pm
Beamish Chapel
Crusher married Lady Truffle

Please click on the link below to watch the You Tube video of the wedding:

Please click on the link below to read the article by reporter Joanne Butcher from The Journal

The Bride looked stunning in her designer wedding gown and travelled in style from her home at Spencer Manor
in her very own Rolls Royce supplied by:
Classic Wedding Cars & Limousines

There was a wedding reception which was held at:
where many guests attended to celebrate this very happy occasion.
Many of the guests travelled in finery & in style to
Beamish Chapel via a period bus. 

There was an open buffet for humans and fuzzbutts available to enjoy.
Spencer Manor was buzzing with excitement with all the residents very giddy!

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